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2024-04-14 18:31:57PC DOX Games Scene 2004
2024-04-14 14:17:01PC iSO Games Scene 2008
2024-04-14 14:14:29PC 0DAY Games Scene 2002
2024-04-13 21:49:49NSW Scene 2023
2024-04-13 18:57:39PC 0DAY Games Scene 2010
2023-11-19As of today we stop including Amiga and Amiga CD32 releases into dats. There is simply no point in working with BBS files in 2023. Unpacked releases or no NFO/DIZ included or NOT provided to us. But ADs included like 30 years ago. All MIA releases will be deleted from overview. As an Amiga500 fan i'm really sad about decission. Sorry guys and wish you a nice day!
2023-05-07today, mia=yes tag was added to dats, so you can see which releases are missing but will not touch your green status (RomVault). on this way you all are aware which releases do not have hashes and are needed for verification.
2022-12-31HAPPY NeW YEAR to EvErYoNe!
2022-05-30PC SECTION: moving/deleting all COVERs, GUIDES, MANUALs, SCANs out from Game Systems and placing them to own MISC section (IF ANY!). As right now several hundred DUPEs in PCDОX/PC0DAY which were already moved from Consoles too.
2022-02-13With new option "7. Choose if you want that Year Releases are placed into Month Subfolders or not:" you can generate DATs for Month Subfolders of a Year DAT.
Special THANK YOU for Ideas, Help and Informations, so Credits are going to:

s4nQy29A, Dungeon-Dave, Obiwantje, Terra_Cresta, abgx(RiP!), srrDB, releaselister, predb.me, rom-news, OPG, Agus, assa, wurstpeter, w0rlock, Thircase (our ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ! :)), Trace, edc, Fant0m, Fastelbja, DAMN, qay, dontlikereg, [Neoqoo], [Seth], tekken75, opentrackers, f0rcEr, The1stOne, ToeKnee, Askavenger, Silenca, CUE, ARMAX, Ashura-X, Yoshizuki, TommySalami, GrimReaper (including whole Team, awesome work guys!) and all other lovely bitcheZ which we forgot ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )!