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2019-05-19 so, layout changed, some bugs removed -> thx 4 info Teddy! enjoy! bb
2019-05-08 in the next few days i will update the site. so if you see it closed you will know what is going on.. cheers, bb
2019-03-20 At the moment, we are experiencing difficulties in our data center N├╝rnberg. We are doing everything in our power to bring your services back online as quickly as possible!
2019-02-08 Just a nice greeting to all bitchez out there! ;)
2018-10-05 Sega Saturn, Sega Mega-CD, NEC PC Engine 2018 DATS added. have phun, bb
2018-07-07 Added DAT Folder Date Format MM-DD-YY , so we have now 7 different Versions.
2018-04-07 Due to request, PS1, PS2 and Xbox DATs are removed from the site. Sorry for the inconvenience. bb
2018-02-02 So, let's go... ALL PSP Dats are reviewed.. Updates are comming over the weekend.. Have phun boys & girls!.. bb
2017-12-24 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! .. bb
2017-06-14 Added DAT Folder Date Format MM.DD.YYYY , so we have now 6 different Versions.
2017-05-04 NDS 2005 going to be updated soon.
2017-04-28 Added DAT Folder Date Format YYYY.MM.DD , so we have now 5 different Versions. Have phun ;)
2017-04-23 Added Suggestion/Reporting System for DATs. Click on the "Wrench" icon if you want to report something (wrong Release Name, wrong Date, or whatever).
2017-04-20 Removed nuked field as it does not have sense for database and informations.
2017-04-15 Full Table Width, Year/Month Dropdowns, another Design Fine Tunning
2017-04-01 Several Tasks: Update, Edit, RLS Counts/Sizes/Files, etc
2017-03-26 DATs Creations on the Fly
2017-03-25 Track Changes (so nothing get lost)
2017-03-25 DAT Versions New Addoption
2017-03-24 Users Login and Group Permissions
2017-03-23 Import of all SCENE DATs