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Database Releasename
Admin Comment
3000 NSW NSW Scene 2021 My_Riding_Stables_2_A_New_Adventure_NSW-LiGHTFORCE corrupt proof Open need pic
3007 NSW NSW Scene 2021 Tropico_6_Nintendo_Switch_Edition_JPN_NSW-HR corrupt proof Open need pic
3015 NSW NSW Scene 2021 Maneater_NSW-LiGHTFORCE corrupt proof Open need pic
3016 NSW NSW Scene 2021 Rune_Factory_5_JPN_NSW-HR corrupt proof Open need pic
3017 NSW NSW Scene 2021 Shin_Megami_Tensei_III_Nocturne_HD_Remaster_NSW-LiGHTFORCE corrupt proof Open need pic
3021 PS2 PS2 Scene 2004 Choro_Q_USA_PS2DVD-SiLVER same as: Choro_Q_RETAIL_USA_PS2DVD-SiLVER Open
3022 WIIU WiiU Scene 2019 Affordable_Space_Adventures_EUR_MULTi6_eShop_WiiU-PUSSYCAT cat-afsp.nfo is listed as 12712 bytes, but in the nfo itself it says it's 12710 Open
3023 WIIU WiiU Scene 2019 Whispering_Willows_EUR_MULTi7_eShop_WiiU-PUSSYCAT cat-awwp.nfo is listed as 11728 bytes but the file itself lists it as 11726 Open
3024 NSW NSW Scene 2021 Kiniro_Loveriche_Golden_Time_JPN_NSW-HR corrupt proof Open need pic
1372 WII Wii Scene 2010 Batman_The_Brave_And_The_Bold_USA_WII-PLAYME jpg missing, see srrdb Investigation jpg is destroyed
1554 NGC NGC Scene 2003 Game_Boy_Player_Start-Up_Disc_USA_GCN-OASiS this was released in zip format not rar Investigation need ZIP file, HAVE now 3 different ZIP files :(
1647 PS3 PS3 Scene 2010 007_Nagusame_no_Houshuu_JPN_JB_PS3-MOEMOE proof.jpg is corrupt Investigation true.. srrdb too :(
2024 PSP PSP Games Scene 2007 Syphon_Filter_Demo_PSP-iND same as Syphon_Filter_Dark_Mirror_DEMO_USA_PS2-iNSTEON Investigation was it for PS2 or PSP?
2230 XBOX XBOX Scene 2005 Painkiller.Hell.Wars.PREVIEW.READ.NFO.REPACK.XBOX-GGS filenames/crc same as Painkiller.Hell.Wars.PREVIEW.READ.NFO.XBOX-GGS? Investigation
2546 NGC NGC Scene 2010 Resident_Evil_Code_Veronica_X_PAL_MULTi5_NGC_WORKING_iNTERNAL_For_Wii-SUNSHiNE .sfv files in DAT are clean, but usually SUNSHiNE had .sfv files with a comment and capitalized CRCs. See srrDB for better .sfv files. Investigation
2620 PS1 PSX Scene 2003 101_Dalmations_2_Usa_Ps1-MiRACLE in .dat is 101_Dalmations_2_Usa_Ps1-MiRACLE
in .nfo is Disney’s 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
in srrdb is:
the same releases, only 0A vs 0D0A difference, is not 101_Dalmatians_2_Usa_Ps1-MiRACLE correct name?
Investigation we need correct NFO.. probably : 101_Dalmatians_2_Usa_Ps1-MiRACLE is the correct name too..
2624 DC DC Scene 2000 Rune_Caster_JAP_DC-MINIME File "mm-runec.r01" is the same as "Rune_Caster_Fix_JAP_DC-MINIME/mm-runef.r01". Original release should contain corrupted .r01. Investigation need corrupt file
2807 PS2 PS2 Scene 2003 Ribbit_King_Usa_PS2DVD-GAMEOVER .ISO from 2004 - Repack? Investigation
2808 PS2 PS2 Scene 2008 The_Treasure_Planet_MULTI5_PAL_PS2DVD-AR3NA 2003? Investigation
2809 PS2 PS2 Scene 2008 Bolt_PS2DVD_USA-EMiNENT 2003? Investigation
2810 PS2 PS2 Scene 2004 Onimusha_Blade_Warriors_Usa_PS2DVD-GAMEOVER NFO 2003, ISO 2004, Repack? Investigation
2811 PS2 PS2 Scene 2001 Stepping_selection_PS2_JAP-IND same files like Stepping_Selection_Jap-PUG Investigation
2812 PSP PSP Games Scene 2006 Flowars_KOR_UMDRiP_REPACK_PSP-pXp same files like Flowars_KOR_PSP-pXp Investigation
1 3DS 3DS Scene 2016 Sonic_Boom_Fire_And_Ice_EUR_MULTi5_3DS-PUSSYCAT correct date: 2016-09-29 .. maybe typo at adding it to dat.. Changed verified
31 NDS NDS Scene 2014 Barbie_and_the_Three_Musketeers_EUR_MULTi2_NDS-EXiMiUS correct date: 2014-01-25 .. maybe typo at adding it to dat.. Changed verified
32 NDS NDS Scene 2013 Atlantic_Quest_EUR_GERMAN_NDS-PUSSYCAT correct date: 2013-08-29 or 28. (August not September) Changed verified
34 PSV PSV Scene 2016 Earth_Defense_Force_2_Invaders_From_Planet_Space_DIRFIX_PROOF_FIX_PSV-TRSI correct date: 2016-10-05 (05. October not 10. May) Changed verified
41 DC DC Scene 2000 Street_Fighter_3_Double_Impact_USA_DC-KALISTO 0KB files should be classified MIA instead Changed 0 bytes jpg files are removed from the DAT
42 PSP PSP Games Scene 2006 Mind.Quiz.USA.32MS.RiP.PSP-PiKMiN 0KB files should be classified as MIA Changed sfv file edited with correct values
47 WII Wii Scene 2009 Guitar.Hero.5-Street.Sweeper.Social.Club.Somewhere.in.the.WorldIts.Midnight.USA.DLC.Wii-OneUp correct Foldername: Guitar.Hero.5-Street.Sweeper.Social.Club.Somewhere.in.the.World.Its.Midnight.USA.DLC.Wii-OneUp look at the word "Its" Changed correct & changed
49 WII Wii Scene 2012 Battleship.PAL.WII-VIMTO correct folder name should be: Battleship_PAL_WII-VIMTO as VIMTO uses underslashes. Changed verified and renamed to Battleship_PAL_WII-VIMTO
50 WII Wii Scene 2015 Tenkuu_no_Kishi_Rodea_JPN_Wii-HR correct date: 2015-04-10 (released in April) Changed verified
51 WII Wii Scene 2015 Dragon_Quest_X_Inishie_no_Ryuu_no_Denshou_Online_JPN_Wii-HR correct date: 2015-05-10 (Released in May) Changed verified
52 PS3 PS3 Scene 2014 Kingdom.Hearts.2.5.HD.Remix.EUR.PS3-PoWeRUp correct date: 2014-12-10 (10. December) Changed verified
53 PS3 PS3 Scene 2014 Call_of_Duty_Advanced_Warfare_Dubbed_ver_JPN_PS3-HR correct date: 2014-12-10 (10. December) Changed verified
54 PS3 PS3 Scene 2014 Dragon_Age_Inquisition_JPN_PS3-HR correct date: 2014-12-04 (4. December) Changed verified
59 WIIU WiiU Scene 2016 LEGO_Star_Wars_The_Force_Awakens_WiiU-iND svf file is 2,012 byte and not 625 byte Changed Generated by QuickSFV v2.36 on 2016-06-29 at 22:10:34. It's not the original one
61 WIIU WiiU Scene 2015 Disney_Infinity_3.0_Star_Wars_EUR_WiiU-ABSTRAKT the nfo file is typed as--di3sw.nfo, is it correct with double "-"? Changed verified and double "-" removed
64 WIIU WiiU Scene 2016 LEGO_Dimensions_MULTi5_COMPETE_EUR_WiiU-LaKiTu Released on December 10th Changed verified
65 WIIU WiiU Scene 2014 Tank_Tank_Tank_EUR_WiiU-ABSTRAKT releases in Month December - not July Changed verified and changed
66 WIIU WiiU Scene 2015 Batman_Arkham_Origins_USA_WiiU-ABSTRAKT Released in July - not May. Changed verified
68 DC DC Scene 2004 Gauntlet Legends_USA_DC-EEA Missing underslash "_" after "Gauntlet" Changed confirmed and renamed
69 DC DC Scene 2007 Sega_Smash_Pack_Complete_Binaries_Collection _ALL_DC-UG Space char after "Collection" Changed confirmed and renamed
71 DC DC Scene 2009 ECW Hardcore Revolution_PAL_DC-TEABAG Missing underslash "_" after "ECW" Changed confirmed and renamed
76 PS1 PSX Scene 1995 How_To_Hardwire_A _Playstation_DOX_PS1-2TUFF white space after "Hardwire_A " Changed confirmed and renamed
77 PS1 PSX Scene 1996 New _Japan_Pro_Wrestling_II_Screenshots_DOX_PS1-UK white space after "New " Changed confirmed and renamed
78 NGC NGC Scene 2014 Luigis_Mansion_v1.01_to_v1.00_PATCH_PAL_MULTi5_NGC_WORKING_iNTERNAL_For_Wii-LaKiTu Change Unix End of Line to Windows in nfo Changed corrected
89 WIIU WiiU Scene 2016 Minecraft_Story_Mode_The_Complete_Adventure_EUR_WiiU-LaKiTu sfv wasn't part of the release - got nuked because of missing sfv Changed correct. there is an repack with Minecraft_Story_Mode_The_Complete_Adventure_REPACK_EUR_WiiU-LaKiTu
94 NGC NGC Scene 2005 Resident_Evil_4_Demo-NOMIS Dupe of Resident_Evil_4_Demo_USA_NGC-NOMIS (2004-12-08 ) Changed correct.. removed
96 DC DC Scene 2001 Hidden_And_Dangerous_Multi5_PAL_DC- ALPAX whitespace before " ALPAX" Changed confirmed and changed